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The Feds have published figures for the first quarter on the variation in international student prices. Most categories increased in line with the total number of students. But not the number that was postponed for reasons of compassion/imperative. Last year there were 9212 in the Q1 category – this year there are 30,798. Thanks to the Australia-Indonesia Centre, it will be possible tomorrow to take a look at the international educational horizon. It is hosting a webinar on the Indonesian market for Australian higher education and vocational training providers as well as on the ed-tech potential. Sign up here In features this morning Eugene Sebastian and Helen Brown of the AIC outlined the three things that institutions that want to invest in Indonesia must now do. It`s not because most of these people don`t want to study — it`s because they can`t. And those who can`t come from China. Last year, at this time, there were 1743 changes from Chinese students – there are now 19,310.

03 Dec 2020252 University of Sydney employees can take the money and exploit Sonal Singh (UTS) on the digital divide between regional/low students and the rest. This week`s article on contribution editor Sally Kift`s series on what is now needed in teaching and learning. 07 Dec 2020Swinburne U proposes cuts that start at the top But the new carry-over data certainly show that the first half of the year`s record figures in March were much better than they were (CMM 18 May). Bendigo and Adelaide Bank announce $1.1 million scholarships for 287 rural/regional higher education students to study from home. It will come in handy when they can finally go to a campus. “We want to give something back to our community and to our successful students who stay here in our local communities,” says Vice Chancellor Geraldine McKenzie. Although applicants outside the region are also eligible. The university`s Become Rewarded scholarships automatically go to young people leaving school with 97 ATARS who apply and then enroll. Scholarships from the Chancellor`s superior offer are worth “up to” $29,000 and include “an optional study abroad package” that may not have many clients right now. . .