Learning Agreement Euba

The study stay can be extended to the next semester, but only if it is extended from the winter semester to the summer semester, since it is an academic year. It is not possible to extend the stay from the summer semester to winter. In this case, the student must again apply to the selection procedure and be re-elected by his home faculty for the following academic year. However, the extension must be approved by both the home faculty and the host institution, and the grant allowance for the next semester will only be granted to students if the Department of International Mobility has been released from funds. By default, a student must finance the next semester from his own resources. In case of extension of the stay, the student must consult again his sending faculty about the study exemption and the approval of the learning agreement. He must also have travel insurance for the duration of his stay. In addition, the request for an extension must be transmitted in advance to WMO. The above documents must be sent to incoming@euba.sk before the deadline for submitting applications for each year of study. You can download the application form here. If the mobility period is 5 days, the student is not required to return the Aliquot part of the allowance. The minimum length of stay is 3 months and the maximum duration is 12 months.

Erasmus+ can also be followed several times and the erasmus+ rules allow the student to have 12 erasmus months at each cycle (bc., Eng., PhD). These months can be used for any combination of study stays, workshop students or postgraduate internships. For students of the Second World War, the title of World Champion 2015 At the 19th level, the average of State studies (based on the Diploma Supplement) Erasmus+ can be accomplished in partner universities with which we have concluded a bilateral collaboration. You can find a list of partner universities on the university`s website. At the same time, we insist on the persistent need to follow the current evolution of the situation: – Letter of confirmation / confirmation of the duration of the stay (confirmed by the host university), note: It is necessary to put online a valid insurance contract (not the draft insurance contract!) that has been duly filed in the application form. With the contract, it is necessary to record the amount of coverage (either it is included in the contract, table al., etc.). In the case of ERAPO insurance, it is an Erapo certificate. If you take out insurance remotely (online in the case of ERAPO insurance) and a draft insurance contract is issued to you, it is necessary to download a confirmation of payment of the insurance contract (compress the two documents in zip format and then upload them to the system). If, at the time of his stay, the student holds a social diploma, he is entitled to a subsidy of 200 € / month above the amount of subsidies granted for the study stay. *For EU students, third-country nationals please check page 29 in the document above! See section Students` homework before and after mobility – Mandatory documents of nominated students before their stay abroad In case of physical mobility, you benefit from a financial contribution to the achievement of mobility.

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