What Is An Unlimited License Agreement

Our experts show you how to make all Oracle consumption visible, manage false positive results and give advice on what to do in an audit. If you don`t let your Oracle estate be managed, it can be very difficult to accurately declare your use at the end of your term. This means that you may need to extend your ULA by more than three years or more, even though cheaper licensing alternatives may be available, simply because you can`t tell Oracle exactly what you`ve used. The disadvantages are “putting all the eggs in one basket” and the need to negotiate intelligently and aggressively on advantageous terms. Depending on the language of the contract, the ULA cannot apply in certain situations that do not predict a negligent undertaking and, in this case, the ULA is not really unlimited in the long run. I`ve been helping companies manage their Oracle Unlimited License (ULAs) licensing agreements for 5 years now. In addition to licensing audits, ULA is one of the most common reasons why companies hire Oracle licensing experts. If, on the other hand, you already have an Oracle ULA, but you don`t have full transparency and control over your software resources, you should have the tools and skills to do so. In this way, you can decide whether keeping in an ULA agreement provides a satisfactory king. If not, you can prepare for an explanation at the end of the term ULA, because you know what you are likely to pay. You will also have the intelligence to defend yourself in an exam situation if you need it.

At first glance, setting up an unlimited agreement seems like an easy task. Take, for example, the Oracle ULA. These would be a number of software products that a company could provide freely without having to worry, for a period of time, about the location and number of licenses consumed. If you certify, you declare your use of Oracle products and you must comply with the Oracle certification clause in the ULA. After receiving, Oracle uses this information to determine how many software licenses to grant your organization. When deciding to enter into an unlimited software contract, it is imperative that everything be understood. It is important for a company to know its current licensing position in order to understand the expected growth. The company must also have a good idea of this growth to understand where the software is being used. With the agreement, it is important that all parties understand the conditions, including certification and the right to review. While it seems obvious, it is also important that end-users understand the products they can use.

While many companies do not see a problem of excess in an unlimited software agreement, the problem arises at the time of certification. Although the company now potentially has more licenses than it will ever need, they usually have a juicy maintenance bill that cannot be easily reduced. For example, Oracle uses methods to ensure that support costs are maintained at a similar level, even if the needs are reduced. While an Oracle ULA can simplify your license, it can also be complicated to negotiate, manage and declare where Oracle ULA`s ULA know-how of version 1 can pay off. Our licensing experts associated with version 1 Control™ service can help you: Ask yourself what is the contractual process to end your Oracle ULA? The text of the Oracle contract around this output/certification is always vague and seems very simple when reading the contract.