Tripartite Agreement Horse Racing

According to the briefing note of the steering group, the annual economic impact of the European blood horse industry amounts to 12 billion euros and employs 155,000 people directly in different functions (ibid.). Some 22,000 foals are bred each year in the EU, representing a turnover of 760 million euros, many of which are sold outside the EU (ibid.). Based on the figures mentioned above, the BrexenIan Control Group Thoroughbred was established in early 2017 (BHA, “The UK leaving the EU: Racing Industry Guidance,” This group includes high-level representatives from the BHA, thoroughbred Breeders` Association, Racehorse Owners Association and Weatherbys (ibid.). It is supported by a number of sub-groups of industry experts who advise the Brexit Control Group Thoroughbred in a number of areas, including trade, taxation and the tariff category, the horse movement, the transport and technical group, the People`s Movement and political and political communications (ibid.). The group`s mission is to examine the challenges posed by Brexit, including the examination of opportunities outside the EU, particularly the Middle East (BHA, “Brexit and European Racing Briefing Note,” A “finished” digital passport system guaranteeing the movement of horses in Europe will be put in place if the European Union and the UK government can agree on a Brexit deal. The proposals address the balance of the health of horses between the EU and the UK, digital passports designed to facilitate the smooth international transport of horses with high health status and zero fares for international transport. The document deals with thoroughbred and sport horses. This is good news for the equestrian industry in Ireland and the UK! Since from 2014 the AES is based on the derogation from Article 6 of the directive and is therefore based on EU law; If there is a transitional period of 21 months, it would mean that the TPA would settle the transfer of racehorses between Ireland, the United Kingdom and France until December 2020.