Respect Agreement Poster

If a student decides to continue with disrespectful behavior after taking a break, he is asked to think with more structure with a Fix It ticket. A Fix It ticket is a simple reflection page on which students write their behavioral reflection. The site contains: The sensitivity of this department requires that students feel safe and comfortable when expressing their ideas, values and knowledge in a supportive environment. Students should not have to worry about being knocked out, humiliated, discriminated against, rejected or mistreated. A safe environment promotes respect for different opinions, norms and values and promotes decisions that promote positive sexual health and respect. Hello, Zoe, thank you for helping out. I have not met any students who refuse to take a break or fill out a fix it ticket. There are certainly a few students who take longer to start filling out the ticket. Remember that everyone has a different answer and that some students need more time to deal with the emotions associated with a fix-it ticket. There will be students who shed a tear or show signs of frustration. I always give them space to find calm and new without being pushed. The time we spend at the beginning of the year talking about the respect and care we put together in the building rules also helps students with the most demanding behavioural needs to source from this system. This means showing them the respect they deserve.

If they really feel and see that you follow in paying tribute to them, you start to feel safer in your classroom and more open. You see that this system is really meant to support them, not to punish them. Also remember that students, who would probably be more resistant to behavioural deviation, are on our radar in the first hour of the first day of school. Being proactive and providing additional behavioural support from day one is essential to their success and success. I hope that this point of view will be useful. Very, Laura Over the next few years in the classroom, I have read articles and books on how to develop a classroom management system focused on intrinsic motivation and respect. During my professional development in those early years, I felt very validated because the strategies and ideals of class management that I appreciated were not only things that gave me a good sense of pedagogue, they were supported by research. The themes of intrinsic motivation and the construction of respect were indeed important, but recycling my brain in a way that made it a center of gravity was a great challenge.

What I can say now with confidence is that I am in love with the classroom management approach I use, and I know that it can meet the unique needs of the wide range of learners I teach year after year. Teaching does not feel like an exhausting struggle. I don`t spend my days putting out the behavioral fires. My students are respected by me. I`m respected by my students. Best of all… I know that all my students learn critical life skills to develop genuine long-term success. Here`s a look at my classroom management trip… Thus far. I hope sharing will help inspire you if you take your own path to find an approach to classroom management that seems right to you and your students.