License Agreement Warranty

7.2 Restricted hardware warranty. Check Point`s warranty for hardware products can be found on the Restricted Material Guarantee page attached to this Agreement. 2.8 Personalization for the product with VPN functionality. In the case of a product with VPN functionality, customization is allowed to allow the registration of a bitmap on the left side of the Challenge/Response authentication dialog box and the insertion of text into the dialog boxes for authentication failures. provided, however, that the product is used to communicate with a Check Point VPN-1 gateway, which is authorized by the entity using the product, and customization must not include reference to a competitive gateway or Check Point products or services without Check Point`s prior written permission. The above safeguards and remedies are extinguished for hardware products that are damaged or can no longer be used by one or more of the following components: (1) incorrect or inadequate maintenance by persons other than authorized Check Point or Check Point agents, (2) software or interfaces provided by someone other than Check Point; (3) Changes, modifications or additions of material products by personnel who have not been certified by the authorized agents of Check Point or Check Point to perform such acts, or other unauthorized repairs, facilities or openings or other causes that are not controlled by Check Point, 4) inappropriate refusal to accept technical notification programs of modification (5) negligence on the part of a person other than the authorized agent of Check Point or CheckPoint , 6) abuse, abuse, accident, electrical irregularity, theft, vandalism, fire, water or any other hazard, (7) damage caused by containment and/or exploitation outside the environmental specifications of material products, (8) modification or connection of material products to other systems, devices or devices (except those specially authorized by Check Point) without prior authorization from Check Point or (9) any use inconsistent with the instructions provided with the material product. The warranty period will not be extended if Check Point repairs or replaces a guaranteed product or part. Check Point may change the availability of limited hardware guarantees at its sole discretion, but the changes are not retroactive. This agreement takes effect until it is terminated. Check Point may terminate this agreement if you violate any of the provisions of this Agreement that will not be cured within 30 days. This contract expires immediately without notice of Check Point if you (i) do not comply with an essential clause of this Agreement or (ii) if the product license is terminated for any reason. Once this Agreement is complete, you agree to cease all use of the product and return to the cash register, or to destroy the product and all associated documents and materials in your possession, confirming check Point.

With the exception of the licence granted and, as expressly provided for, the terms of this agreement remain in effect beyond termination.