Canada Newfoundland Immigration Agreement

7.17. Potential applicants must submit a full immigration application to Canada within the specified time frame of approval or within 90 days of applying for a temporary work permit under the pilot project, with the lowest value being retained. Newfoundland and Labrador agrees that the references are valid six (6) months after certification, unless Newfoundland and Labrador has revoked it at its sole discretion and no extension of approval is granted. All references that did not result in an application for permanent residence are no longer valid as of December 31, 2021 or the end of the program, according to a later date. 4.3 In developing the annual delivery plan for Canada`s immigration plan, Canada will consult and consider: 5.1.2. The important role of immigration in supporting the economic development of Atlantic Canadian communities (including Francophone communities); Interested in newfoundland immigration through the NLPNP? Call us today for a free consultation with an experienced immigration expert. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIPP) is a three-year employer-focused immigration program that aims to address skills gaps and labour market needs in the four Atlantic provinces by helping employers attract and retain skilled immigrants. 5.2. Recognizing the importance of presenting a coordinated and collaborative approach to immigration as part of the pilot project, Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador agree that promoting the pilot project is a shared responsibility for potential applicants and employers. 5.1.1 The parties agree that consultations are needed to help both parties meet their immigration needs and objectives. The West Coast premiers have also called for an increase in immigration, suggesting that there are likely to be more similar agreements with other regions and provinces.

5.1.1. Pilot experience is an innovative and flexible tool to increase sustainable immigration in many occupations and skill levels (including Francophone immigrants) and to improve the link between these immigrants in the Atlantic region as a means of addressing demographic challenges and increasing economic growth; There are two ways to get an appointment from the Newfoundland Provincial Nominating Program. The first is to apply directly to the NL PNP outside of Express Entry through the Newfoundland Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism.