Business Intelligence Service Level Agreement

Thanks to our modular offering (IaaS – SaaS – BIaaS), we offer you a professional and personalized tracking of your BI A-Z applications. Focus on your core business and create extra freedom for your qualified staff. Based on our customizable BI management services, we ensure that your BI solutions work. You benefit from building performance levels that can be configured in different scenarios, from the pure infrastructure level to a full, worry-free “premium BI support pack.” One of the main objectives of the Data team is to enable you to make data-based decisions, both large and small. We are pleased to see you with the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Tool to lead your business, and we recognize the exceptional level of trust you have shown us as a manager of this data. That`s why we want to formalize our commitment to you. While data Warehouse-SLA should express its obligation to provide exemplary data services, it should also include commitments from stakeholders. Finally, all good relations require the participation of both parties. The stakeholder analysis relationship requires commitment and cooperation on both sides. In short, you need alS to build trust.

Perhaps you have touched on something in my speeches – I think that in the field of analysis, the stakeholder relationship is essential. Data warehouses are often operated by centralized shared services teams. This means that the team that creates and manages the data is not reported to teams that use the data to operate their business. Even for the most enlightened executives, it`s a challenge to accept that something so important to your industry (the Data Warehouse) is being operated by another team. “A Service Level Contract (SLA) is an obligation between a service provider and a customer. Specific aspects of the service – quality, availability, responsibilities – are agreed between the service provider and the service user. Imagine: it`s Saturday morning, and something went wrong in your ETL process. Warehouse1Invocation: For the purposes of this article, I use the term Data Warehouse to refer to the datawarehouse and the tools used by stakeholders to access datawarehouse data (for example. B business intelligence tools).

Obsolete (or perhaps unavailable). What is going on? You`re calling an engineer to check with you? Are you sacrificing your precious weekend morning for the sake of intercourse? Without a documented ALS, you may find yourself (and your team) either the Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been referenced by technology, which requires some quality of service (QOS) to ensure availability and response time in a network. QOS also applies to cloud computing, but in this context, past availability and response time need to be expanded to include other business parameters such as data retention and business continuity drivers. The SLA cloud is essential for businesses to know the minimum level of service they can expect and for providers to know what minimum level of service they need to provide. ALS must also indicate what happens when a supplier does not meet alS commercial parameters. The overall objectives of ALS are: In general, you want to set clear expectations for all those in the company who depend on the services of your team to accomplish their tasks.