Wto Agreement On Agriculture Philippines

The Philippine manufacturing sector is increasingly diversified and its exports are now essential to economic performance. These exports were cited by electronics, which has increased by about 44% per year since the previous review. In 1996, exports under bilateral agreements under the WTO agreement on textiles and clothing accounted for about four-fifths of total clothing exports to the Philippines. (a) market access – full and consistent implementation of commitments in areas such as industrial tariffs, agriculture, textiles and clothing and services; At the end of 2001, following the launch of the new WTO round in Doha, the structure and organisation of the TF-WAR was changed as a result of the restructuring and movement of DA personnel who participated in the TF-WAR. A new special order has been issued for the re-foundation of the TF-WAR. (7) While stakeholder buy-in remained intact, this time it was a less formal organization and it was streamlined to involve only government agencies that played an important role in policy development. The secondary functions of the TF-WAR have been abolished and its work has now focused solely on the sole responsibility for formulating the national negotiating position in the agricultural sector. However, the creation of a central group in early 2002 was a major innovation. The TF WAR core group was formed by Special Mission No. 231 of 2 May 2002. (8) Members include the Task Force Chair, five private sector representatives and members of the DA`s Policy and Studies Office, who act as technical secretariat. Specific tasks include a detailed assessment of the proposals put forward by WTO members, an in-depth analysis of the general and specific impact on Philippine agriculture, and the formulation and development of specific proposals based on these analyses, which are based on the general policy direction set out in the TF-WAR. Each new work of the TF-WAR begins with a specific development in the WTO agricultural negotiations.

The DA Agriculture Office in Geneva regularly reports to the TF-WAR on the progress of the negotiations.