Service Level Agreement Citrix

Degree of severity of support case The severity of the case is determined by the support technician and the client based on the description of the severity. Severity levels are not increased once they have set each other, but can be reduced to Citrix`s reasonable discretion. No service requirements are offered for Citrix trial versions, technical previews, labs or beta services. There is a serious loss of service with a function of your supported product. The process continues to operate in a reduced state. Citrix Technical Support offers a certain number of targeted response times based on the severity of the incident. We do not guarantee periods of resolution or recovery at the aid level, without exception. The Return Material Authorization (RMA) is part of any maintenance offer and varies by level. Customers who purchase bronze maintenance must return the device to Citrix for analysis, and Citrix will deliver a replacement unit within 10 days. Citrix will send a replacement unit within one business day for customers who acquire maintenance at the Silver and Gold level. Technical assistance verifies that the device is defective and forwards the RMA case to the operations team to comply. For customers who purchase Gold Plus maintenance, the service includes delivery within 4 hours of Citrix authorizing the issuance of a Service Centre replacement product.

Virtual Work Contract The Citrix nerds virtual employment contract consists of acquiring a 100-hour block work contract to work full-time for your company on long-term Citrix projects or day-to-day operational tasks. Virtual contract work is 100% based in the United States and can usually begin as early as the next business day. Your virtual contractor can connect via Citrix, Remote Desktop, VPN, GoToMeeting or Logmein and is usually scheduled for a full-time 40-hour work week during normal working hours. Get the expert services you need for your Citrix environment. Daily state reports, attendance at business meetings and conference calls, and all work is fully documented. Citrix`s contract work skills are senior levels. Comfortable monthly count. Detailed information on citrix Technical Assistance Services, Benefits and Policies. Citrixs` duty to service (“duty of service”) is to maintain at least 99.9% of monthly operating time (“monthly operating time”) on services.

Monthly operating time is calculated by subtracting 100% of the percentage of minutes for a full month of a service in which the service instance was “unavailable.” The services and the measure of availability for each of them are shown in the table below. To check the status of your case, please log in to Citrix Cloud was designed using industry best practices to achieve a high level of service availability. ITVolks services (also known as ITVs) are designed to provide a high level of availability and performance to industry best practices. This service level agreement, also known as ALS, describes the obligation ITVolks takes for its services offered. THE ITV service`s commitment is to maintain at least 95% of monthly operating time. Monthly operating time is calculated by subtracting 100% of the percentage of minutes during a month of operation in which the service instance was “unavailable”. Our goal in Citrix Technical Support is first-class service and support. Your support team will work with you throughout the lifecycle of your case to ensure that the appropriate resources and level of attention are directed towards a timely solution to your (s) problem.