Grant Agreement Usaid

The aid is financial support from the U.S. government to an organization – through a grant or cooperation agreement – to help achieve a project that benefits the Community and promotes the objectives of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act. If USAID wants to negotiate with your organization before deciding whether to receive a bonus, your organization should know more about our policies that are part of the contract or support bonus. If the organization is unable to reach an agreement with the aforementioned officials, speak to our Agency Mediator. The requests describe the requirement or program and explain how USAID evaluates bids. They can take many forms, such as. B as the Request on Proposal (RFP), the Communication on Funding Opportunities (NOFO), the Annual Program Statement (GSP) or the Broad Agency (BAA) announcement. You can understand them: we depend on your leadership and that of all leaders and officials to ensure budget transparency, decommissioning and execution as planned. For our partnership to be successful, the Zambian government must prioritize funding for basic needs such as education, health and social protection and ensure that important oversight institutions are able to meet their obligations. I have been sometimes asked if the United States is a devoted friend of Zambia. For me, that is a surprising question. I have served twice as a diplomat in your country for almost four years.

The friendship and partnership we share is second to none. We have an expression in America: “Put your money where your mouth is.” And it is to this extent that our friendship is measured more than 39 billion times, the bright spots we see every day in the fight against poverty, disease, violence and poor education in Zambia. But soon after, Hope enrolled in the DREAMS program, funded by USAID, the U.S. Agency for International Development, through the U.S. President`s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. Dreams is a program that cares for vulnerable girls and young women. Dreams represents young women who are determined, resilient, capable, AIDS-free, mented and safe. These are impressive numbers. But more importantly, each of these figures is an influence that changes the life of a real person. When you hear these statistics, think of the more than two and a half million Zambians who benefit from these many programs. Two and a half million people love Hope from the Copperbelt. Your organization can be contacted by a contract agent (CO/AO) if your proposal or request for attribution is considered.

The CO/AO is the central interlocutor for the activity with USAID. Once these steps are complete, USAID will award the award to the selected organization. In most cases, the organization is invited to a post-price conference to discuss the project and verify the terms of the price. In addition, throughout the implementation period, the organization may contact the delegated representative for the contract contract or the contract agent (COR/AOR), who is named in the price of the technical guidelines. All questions relating to the award are addressed to the contractual or contractual representative.