Cooperation Agreement In Deutsch

does not apply, as soon as this agreement enters into force, to provisions relating to the distribution of bilateral agreements between a Member State and the former USSR in their reciprocal exchanges; Under the ERASMUS programme, it is only possible to study abroad at a partner university if the candidate`s department has an agreement with the partner. (for example. B, law students can only apply to universities that have a cooperation agreement with the law university). This cooperation aims, among other things, to modernize and restructure and structure the construction sector in Russia, in accordance with the principles of the market economy, and to take due account of the health, safety and environmental aspects associated with it. 3. This cooperation is subject to periodic review by the parties in a special committee or special body to be created in accordance with Article 93. For example, have the University of Bremen and the University of Oldenburg been collaborating for a long time in common areas of special research of the DFG? their long-standing cooperation is defined in a comprehensive cooperation agreement between universities. The positive record of cooperation in science and technology demonstrates the potential of the EU-Russia partnership to achieve tangible and mutually beneficial results. 3. The participation of one party in the respective education and training programmes of the other party could be considered according to its respective procedures and, if necessary, institutional frameworks and cooperation plans could be defined on the basis of Russia`s participation in the Tempus Community programme.

2. Without prejudice to Article 10, these agreements do not affect the EU`s provisions on the transmission of information of information of interest to the Competent Commission and the Customs Authorities of the Member States between the competent services of the Member States. Consultations begin within 30 days of the first part`s request under the legal, administrative, technical, fiscal, financial and other conditions for the creation and expansion of smes and for cross-border cooperation. They take place in order to reach an agreement on: IN NOTE that the Community and Russia wish to strengthen these relations and establish a partnership and cooperation that would deepen and strengthen relations between them in the past, notably through the agreement between the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on trade and economic cooperation. , signed on 18 December 1989, referred to as the `1989 Agreement`, following the entry into force of this agreement, Russia grants Community companies and nationals, with a view to recognising and protecting intellectual, industrial and commercial property, which is no less favourable than its treatment of a third country under bilateral agreements. CONSIDERING that the agreement promotes a gradual rapprochement between Russia and a greater area of cooperation in Europe and the neighbouring regions and the gradual integration of Russia into the open international trading system, promotes global cooperation between economists and senior officials in order to accelerate the transfer of information and know-how for economic policy-making and to enable the wide dissemination of the results of political research. (4) The contracting parties believe that it is essential that, in parallel with the establishment of a partnership and cooperation relationship between them, they maintain and strengthen cooperation with other European countries and with the other countries of the former USSR for the harmonious development of the region and that they do everything in their power to promote this process.