Afscme Council 31 Agreement State Illinois

I get less than 100ks as a lawyer for the state. The person I replaced in this job went into the private sector, roughly doubling his salary. I`m lucky to be paid a lot more than a lot of social workers and prison guards to do office work, but I still take a 50% hit on my salary because I love what I do and I believe in the value of public service. Staff premiums and ancillary health insurance costs for the national group will increase. Although employee-specific contributions vary depending on the type of health plan and the level of wages, premiums increase each year by $13 per month for individuals and $18 per month for families. Illinois thus remains in the middle ranks of public health plans for employees at the national level. The vote took place between 12 and 21 June on more than 400 working meetings across the country, during which union members had the opportunity to review the terms of the agreement and ask questions before voting. Once again, the notions of workers and taxpayers are confused. An employee is a person who earns a pay cheque for the service they provide to his or her employer. It made me win services.

A tax payer is a person who pays taxes so that services can be provided to him or her or others. So services provided. These are completely different things. Stop the assumption that government employees earn less than you. Leave the assumption that they receive more services than you do. Finish the assumption that they should earn less money, receive less benefits for workers and pay more taxes – what you really want. These are the people who say hateful about state employees for no other reason than state employees. Blake, you`re on to something. As studies have shown, public servants with higher salaries or degrees are underpaid, not overpaid, often underpaid. Recognizing their continued attendance during Rauner`s tenure – when he froze their wages and illegally prevented employees from passing the wage plan for four years – state employees first receive a $625 scholarship for each of the past four years.

General wage increases will be recorded in January 2020 (1.5%), July 2020 (2.1%), July 2021 and July 2022 (3.95% each) I am not here. Public servants have not received a general increase since July 2014. It is good to see that an agreement has been reached. I hope that all Illinois residents will be able to see the details of this agreement before it is implemented.